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Rodney Thompson – Project Director


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“From the beginning what we set out to do is give voice to people who ordinarily wouldn’t get the opportunity to tell their stories in this medium and its gratifying to know we’ve been successful doing that.”


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Our Mission



[ut_service_column color=”#222222″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-circle” headline=”Support The Culture” shape=”round” width=”full” margin_top=”500″] The mission of the organization is to support film projects that promote African American culture. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#222222″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-film” headline=”Film Projects” shape=”round” width=”full”] We provide programs and activities such as film screenings, and assistance to filmmaking projects. [/ut_service_column]

[ut_service_column color=”#222222″ background=”#f1f1f1″ icon=”fa-video-camera” headline=”Organization” shape=”round” width=”full”] The Reel Images Film & Video Group, is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), community
based organization established in April of 1992. [/ut_service_column]


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Stinson McClendon – Project Director


“Reel Images gives voice to filmmakers who are not a part of mainstream media. The films they produce allow Americans to see alternative views of others thereby offering them an opportunity to see a more complete view of the American experience. “Film has the power to change the way we think about ourselves and our culture. Films have the capacity to influence people and lead them to new perspectives.”


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“I Remember 12th Street” is a documentary film produced by Rodney M. Thompson and Stinson McClendon about the history of Kansas City’s storied 12th Street, the subject of song and jazz legends, as told through first-hand accounts by people who lived through one of the most fascinating periods in the city’s history.

In Kansas City, Missouri, from the 1930s to the 1960s, 12th Street, from downtown going east for scores of blocks, was the center of life in a thriving African American community. The street was home to commerce and entertainment. This is the story of a street that sustained and shaped Kansas City’s African American community during a critical period. The community elders remember 12th Street.

The story of the fabled street is brought to life in this intriguing film that explores an important part of Kansas City’s history that must be preserved.

Join us on February 26 @ 6:30p on Zoom for the virtual film release. Directly followed by a Q&A with the directors Rodney Thompson & Stinson Mclendon from Reel Images and the documentary participants. Moderated by Dr. Carmaleta Williams, Executive Director of the Black Archives.

Free tickets are available on EventBrite.
For more Information email reelimages816@gmail.com

“I REMEMBER 12TH STREET” Reel Images February 2021